Cash Only Buying And No Credit

I'll tell you that sometimes bad things really do have a silver lining. That happened to me over the last 10 years or so. I found that I had to rely on cash only buying and no credit

You see about 10 years ago I went through a very rocky period in my life (major understatement!). I got divorced, lost my home, lost my business, had my car repossessed and ended up having to file for bankruptcy. Not much fun, looking back I'm not quite sure how I got through it all. 

But since all that happened I found that I could only do cash only buying and no credit, and while extremely difficult, it ended up being a pretty good thing. There are many reasons for that such as the fact that I didn't have any credit debt, I also learned to save for what I needed instead of pulling out the credit card. But I learned other things too. 

Here are some of the other things that I learned that later ended up helping me out in a big way:

1. I really learned how to shop. 

Since I didn't have credit not only would I have to wait to buy things I wanted, and often even wait to buy things I really needed, but I also learned to shop differently. 

Instead of running down to the local big box store or department store I started shopping at discount stores, garage sales and even Good Will. At first I felt mortified and like a failure but later I realized that I had a great advantage. 

2. I learned that if you pay with cash you can actually bargain with them!

 Yes, even in large stores with big ticket items you can often say "I've got this much cash in hand and I will buy this product right now for this price". Many times, especially if it was a store that was locally owned, they would agree to my discounted price. 

You see with a cash deal they get all their money today. They don't have to worry about financing and getting their money over a period of years. They also don't have to worry that I might default on that loan. They have their money in hand right then and there. 

3. I also learned the great peace of mind knowing that though I didn't have a lot, I owned everything I had.

 I didn't need to worry that if I lost my job my cars or belongings would be repossessed, I owned everything outright. 

4. And the most unexpected thing of all?

 I eventually found a way to rebound financially and became quite wealthy but since I still had all that knowledge about how to get the things I wanted and needed for a fraction of what many people end up spending my money went so much further. 

I could live a very high standard of living and get so much more for my money because I had learned how to shop smarter. I could do so much with so little money that when I had more money I actually found that I had what I wanted and needed and still had no debt and had a lot of money left over!

Pretty cool, isn't it? You can do the same thing without having to go through everything I did. Start using these methods to cash only buying and no credit and see where you are financially in a year from now. You will be amazed!

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