What is the easiest forex strategy?

What is the easiest forex strategy? 

 There is no universally easiest forex strategy as what may be easy for one trader may not be easy for another. 

However, here are some popular and relatively simple forex strategies that beginners can consider:

some popular and  simple forex strategies for beginners

 Moving Average Crossover: 

This strategy involves combining two moving averages, one short-term and one long-term, and entering a trade when the short-term moving average crosses above or below the long-term moving average. 

 Breakout Trading:

 This strategy involves identifying key support and resistance levels and entering a trade when the price breaks through these levels. 

 Trend Following: 

This strategy involves identifying the overall trend in the market and entering trades in the direction of the trend. 

 Position Trading: 

This strategy involves holding trades for an extended period of time, sometimes for several months or more, in order to capture long-term price movements.


 This strategy involves taking advantage of small price movements and entering and exiting trades quickly, often within minutes or seconds. 

 It's important to remember that a successful forex trading strategy requires discipline, patience, and proper risk management. It's also recommended to start with a demo account before transitioning to live trading. Additionally, keep in mind that while simple strategies may seem easier to implement, they may not necessarily be the most profitable in the long run.

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